Wrestlers To CIF & Senior Night

Aurielle Whitehead, Journalist

Hello Mustangs!

Finishing second in league, some of our wrestling boys our on their way to CIF. Our ERHS wrestling team did great this league season by working hard and doing what they needed to do on the mats. Their league record is four wins and one loss. Our wrestling team has been thriving in the league and state rankings. Our very own Brandon Leon is top 3 in the state! Wrestling CIF starts next week so come out to support our fellow mustangs.

I asked Varsity wrestlers Isiah Vasquez, who is also the Senior team captain, and Erick Benas how it feels for it to be their last year of high school wrestling and how they feel about going to CIF. Vasquez said, “It’s kind of sad, it hasn’t really hit me as much yet but i know it will soon. I feel pretty good coming into CIF, I’m seeded first and I feel really confident about my abilities and I am going to come home with a ring.” Benas replied, “I am a little sad that this is my last year wrestling in high school because I have created such a bond with all of the wrestlers and coaches. Wrestling for ERHS has been fun and has taught me so many lessons.” I also asked if they plan on wrestling in college and Vasquez stated, “I have a chance to wrestle in college and I am not sure yet if I want to, it’s still a thought in my mind though.” Benas said, “I do not plan on wrestling in college because I have been accepted to one of my top school choices and will be furthering my education to pursue engineering and firefighting.”

Wrestling season’s CIF starts next week so please come out and support our spectacular mustangs!

Aurielle Whitehead
Pictured above, Isiah Vasquez.
Aurielle Whitehead
Pictured above, Erick Benas.