The Bachelor

Amanda Hollis, Journalist

The Bachelor is back with Peter Weber, who was previously on The Bachelorette falling for Hannah Brown. Sadly, things didn’t work out and she sent him home, soon regretting it. Peter Weber is an airplane pilot ready to take off on a journey to find his future wife.

The first week, Weber met all the women who were vying for his love. Each woman entered the show with a multitude of introductions. All the women wore the most dazzling dresses or jumper suits. After meeting all the women, Hannah Brown stopped by for a sentimental visit to give Peter Weber his flight wings back that he gave her.

The first night the first “Impression Rose” was given. The Rose signifies the woman who left the best impression on the Bachelor. Hanna Ann was the lucky woman to get the first “Impression Rose” after stealing him away from two other women, who appeared to pique his interests. After being given the very first rose, Hanna Ann was safe for the first rose ceremony.

Amanda Hollis

The first week passed by quickly, with many sentimental dates and adorable conversations. The contestants had their ups and downs; the downs being the women who were sent home and the ups being that each woman had their time to connect with the bachelor. Avonlea Elkins, Eunice Cho, Jade Gilliland, Jenna Cooper, Katrina Badowski, Kylie Ramos, Maurissa Gunn, and Megan Hops were sent home.

Meya Saints has been watching the bachelor for a long time and says,” The women this season are all pretty cool and there are some that stick out, but they are all pretty.” After watching the first two weeks Saints states, “out of all the girls I really don’t know all their names but the one that met him before in the hotel seems to already have a connection.” As an avid Bachelor fan, she feels this will be a great season.

Week two was a good week with a handful of women being picked to go on a date with the Bachelor. This was no ordinary date; it was a fashion show for the women to show who they are.  They walked down the runway in their day wear and glamorous evening wear in the hopes of winning the “Personality Rose.” The women did a splendid job but in the end, Hanna Ann won the fashion show. At shows end, the Personality Rose was given to Victoria Fuller who exemplified beauty and elegance.  At the end of week two, Courtney Perry, Lauren Jones, and Payton Moran were not given a rose to continue on.

Taylor McCall is another person who loves watching “The Bachelor.” When pressed about her thoughts on Peter Weber she states, “I think he is a pretty good guy who has a good personality and deserves to find love.” Hannah Brown coming to visit was a huge shock McCall says.  “She just wanted to stir up the pot and start drama, plus I’m happy she didn’t come into the house with the other girls.”

A house full of beautiful women trying to capture one man’s heart.  But with so much drama but who will be his future wife?