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Has Nothing Changed?

Fatimah Jackson, Staff Writer

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The recent news of the Texas shooter at Santa Fe High School, Friday morning on May 18th, marks one of the deadliest school shooting since the Parkland, Florida shooting in February. According to local officials, about ten people were reported dead and over a dozen people were injured; those of which included students and staff members. The shooter had reportedly carried an AR 15-style rifle, a shotgun, pipe bombs, and a pistol. The irony isn’t lost on many people that, in a state where people are allowed to freely carry guns, they suffered a mass school shooting as horrific as Parkland High School.

Photo by NBC News

Though, it brings up the question, why haven’t things changed yet? Ever since the Florida shooting it seemed as though America was realizing what guns were actually doing to our country. Is living in constant fear that some lunatic could show up and shoot up any establishment worth going to a shooting range?

Screenshot of Florida shooting victims after the attack

After Florida, it was as though America was fed up with all the violence that had happened over the course of ten years, and the resistance to the gun violence was met with harsh retaliation by America’s youth. The March on Washington was a student-held march to protest the gun violence in the USA. I interviewed Eleanor Roosevelt High School student, Korni Washington about the Santa Fe shooting and what it may mean for America. She had to say that, “I think it just cements that we need need gun control. If not, then more and more kids are just gonna keep dying, and people can’t look the other way now because they know that the teenagers are just gonna retaliate and make them care.”


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